Some really elaborate gender-bent Adventure Time fan art that I’ve been working on for almost a year, inspired by my friend Marianne Khalil and her own super elaborate Adventure Time piece.

This is the first full body piece I’ve ever done to this scale. I’ve learned a lot from this and it’s developed a lot since I’ve first started. I was literally working with humanoid blobs with ambiguous facial features at first. Marianne sort of tigermomed me into continuing this piece, though, resulting in a year of on and off reworking, redrawing, and sometimes a holistic redoing of the entire piece. I’m very grateful to have a friend like this, though. A friend who can take you out of making humanoid blobs is pretty much worth his/her weight in unicorn blood.

There are a lot of cleaning up and touch ups that are needed to make this piece really feel finished, composition and detail wise, however I’m choosing to sort of call it “done” for now because I’m not making nearly as many leaps and bounds in learning as I used to when I first started making this piece. It feels more like bruit forcing and my interest in it is starting to fade. I might come back to it once I’ve learned more in college, but for now, I’m pretty happy calling this my first “finished” full body piece.