I believe that is healthy to post your thoughts on Tumblr as long as you don’t go on the specific tag “show, movie, person, thing etc” and trash talk about then, or trying to force people to agree with your opinion……







This is quite possibly the greatest thing that has ever popped up on our dash. 


Wow way to bum me out.

is this not the realest tho.

Woah there? calling FoP, Spongebob and TMNT mediocre shows? get off your mighty cloud, they are in a totally different lane T_T

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I had a discussion with my brothers arguing about why people was making so much drama over the “pointless” shoes thing Samus got in the new super smash brothers….. and that´s exactly the problem, instead of giving her a new super weapon, or a buff over her gone personality on “Metroid other M” (were they turned Samus from a cold blood alien mercenary, to a lucky lolita with guns) and blah blah blah….. at the end we agreed the shoes were pointless and ridiculous….